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How Your Dentist Uses Botox

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If you are thinking about Botox, you probably aren’t thinking about visiting the dentist—but maybe you should. Why? Well, your dentist already performs cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve patients’ smiles. A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. If your oral health is good and your smile Hollywood caliber, you may feel like your appearance can still use a bit of a boost.

If you are interested in getting a more youthful appearance, Dr. Peters offers Botox injections as well as a variety of other cosmetic procedures. Give us a call at Mill District Dental to find out more about Botox in Minneapolis, MN!

How Is Botox Used?

Botox is used cosmetically to help eliminate creases, wrinkles, and frown lines that are caused by muscle contractions that are repeated over the years. Botox has a history of being a safe way to ease wrinkles on the skin, and recipients enjoy much younger-looking skin without having to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Why Get Botox?

Everyone eventually develops creases, wrinkles, and frown lines on the face. Some of them are caused my muscles that contract repeatedly over the years.  Botox is a simple treatment that is injected into certain facial muscles, which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles by blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles. The muscle movement that caused the lines and wrinkles is inhibited, so the appearance of the lines and wrinkles is diminished.

Within a few days of having Botox treatment, you’ll notice that your facial muscles have relaxed, and in about two weeks, you’ll see the final results in the form of newly smoothed skin. The surrounding facial muscles that haven’t been treated will continue to contract normally, so your facial expressions will look completely natural.

The injections take just a few minutes, and you can enjoy their benefits for up to four months.

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Please give us a call if you are interested in getting Botox in Minneapolis, MN, and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss all your options!


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